At Time Freezer we love the environment, I mean after all it’s what we photograph! We’ve always tried to do our bit to look after it, from our bio-degradable carrier bags and bubble wrap to the recycled packaging we send out your orders in. Take a look below to see all the things we’re doing to help keep the world a beautiful place.


In 2021 we decided to go one step further and try and give something back. We teamed up with More Trees. An incredible charity setup with the aim of planting a billion trees worldwide.

We’ve integrated them into our website so from now on, for every order we receive (no matter how big or small) we’ll plant one tree on your behalf as a thank you. You’ll receive an email with a certificate and will be able to feel good about shopping consciously knowing you’ve helped give a little something back to the world.

You can keep an eye on the Time Freezer Forest through our widget at the bottom of the site and watch it grow throughout the year or by clicking here.


For as long as we can remember we’ve been using a Polcore frames as standard. Polcore is created from 70% recycled polystyrene, much better for than the environment then most of the alternatives and cheaper frames out there.


Where available we always choose the eco friendly option, as it stands our carrier bags and bubble wrap are all biodegradable.

We’re all in it together

Where possible we purchase from like minded businesses, our PDQ rolls for example come from EposGear who support the ‘Trees for Life’-a sustainable tree planting charity much like MORE TREES.