Championing the North

Here at Time Freezer Photography we Love the North East of England.  As much as we love photographing it we love to boast about it and all of it’s beauty.   We’re not the only ones either, the North East has an abundance of creative talents in both photography, art, design, creators and makers.  To play our part we like to give a selection of talented local artists and creators a chance to sell within the gallery.

Below you’ll see who we currently stock.

Matthew Ellwood

Matthew Ellwood is best known for his ‘Tower’ series.  The intricately and creatively stacked images of landmark locations within a city or area are done with extreme precision, hand drawn and painted in watercolour it’s no wonder each of these can take up to four months to create.,

We carry all of Matthews’ work in both sizes with frames available.

Paul Wilson Watercolours

Paul Wilson is best known for his little auld couple.  Painting iconic scenes from around the North East with the old couple taking in the view along with the dog most of the time.

We have various size prints of Pauls most popular work for sale here in the gallery.

Rendezvous Cafe by Paul WIlson

Lines Behind

Lines Behind is the brain child of James, an artist/illustrator from Northumberland.  His quirky happy style is instantly recognisable and the reason he’s worked with so many big name brands as a designer.

We currently stock A3 framed prints and we’ll soon have his unique range of cards too.

Geordie Mugs

The original Geordie Card Company.  These quirky cards capture the essence of the Geordie sense of humour and dialect in a greetings card for every occasion.

Street Doodler

Sarah has a great mix of architectural drawing, watercolour and doodling all mixed up together to create a unique eye catching style.

We currently have some fantastic 12″x 12″ canvasses from the doodler.

Little Blue Girl

Little Blue Girl is uses an almost forgotten process of screen printing to create her local scenes.  This process ensures small print runs of ten to fifteen and each one is always slightly different making them completely original.

Low Moon Over High Town

What Ben Holland can do with just Pen and Ink is no less than amazing.  The detail captured in such a simplistic way really catch the eye, and his drawings reflect his view of Newcastle and the North East. Beyond the great landmarks, these are the places we live our everyday lives; from pubs and cinemas to barber shops and newsagents.

We have a small selection of prints for sale

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