Our work in North Tyneside General Hospital (Rake Lane)

In June 2020 we were contacted by North Tyneside General hospital (or Rake Lane if you’re local) to ask if we would like to supply local images for the refurbed cafe. YES OF COURSE was the answer. As this is my local hospital and I’ve spent more time than most in this place (I’m very accident prone and a type 1 diabetic) and always admired the work of local artists and photographers that adorns the walls in waiting rooms and corridors. It was a great privilege to be asked to join those names and have my work up in the hospital. There are 9 local images from Tynemouth to Newcastle about A2 in size and they look fantastic. Due to Covid 19 there is still a very limited number of visitors allowed to the hospital so I haven’t been able to get in and see them myself but here’s a few shots I was sent after they went up. There will be an official launch later in the year when things have settled down so I’ll update the post then.

TIme Freezer Photography Rake Lane Hospital
matt hale photography north tyneside hospital
time freezer photography north tyneside hospital