August Arrival Little Blue Girl Co

Joining us at Time Freezer Gallery this August is the Little Blue Girl Co.  Louise (the artist behind the name) uses classic screen printing techniques to produce these beautiful local scenes.  Each image is usually an edition of just 10 and as every print is individually pulled they each vary slightly in appearance making them totally original.

In her own words…

Who is the little blue girl?

I am the mother of a little blue girl, and she IS the model in some of my pictures.

The little blue girl could really be anyone…. She could be you? She’s definitely me! A lot of my prints follow the a theme developed along the theme of the world viewed through the eyes of a child. I’ve tried to capture this in my drawing style and the inks i use for printing.

I’ve doodled for years in the margins of my notebooks usually in meetings of my day job! I really enjoy taking these simple images and developing them into something beautiful and lasting.

You’ll see that a lot of my prints have graduated inks in them; I love how this makes every single pull a captured moment in time never to be repeated.

While the actual printing happens at Northern Print in Newcastle; my ideas are sketched and prepared at home in North Tyneside. This location affords me access to some of the most beautiful areas of the UK; the Northumberland beaches and castles, the brooding hills of the Lake District and North Yorkshire Moors, where I grew up, and a vibrant night life in Newcastle. Let’s see where the Little blue girl goes… I hope you come too!

Framed Prices from £55.00