Rock Solid

Now in its sixth year ‘Rock Solid’ is the 2018 addition to the ‘Heart Series’, as much as I wanted to call it ‘Love on the Rocks’ it wouldn’t quite have the same sentiment when handing it over to a loved one.

This photo was taken at Marsden beach in South Shields just beside Marsden Rock and the Grotto in January 2018.  When I got to the beach I was searching for a heart shaped rock to use or place into position for a shot.  I noticed some rocks halfway along the beach being hit by the tide and new this was a great location to place anything I could find.  I couldn’t find anything and I was close to the rocks then literally right next to where I took the photo was a red heart shaped rock.  Fate as ever lending me a helping hand, although the incoming tide meant I literally had to get this shot in minutes.

The heart series began in 2012 when up at Dunstanburgh Castle hoping for a beautiful sunrise.  unfortunately as with most trips that didn’t materialise and ended up scouring the rocks looking for something interesting.  This particular rock stood out because of its shape and I placed it into position.  I didn’t even look at the photos for about 8 months, then whilst looking for something else I stumbled upon them.  I knew it was close to Valentines day so I decided to colour the rock red and stick it on social media for the day.  The reaction was great and so I decided to get some printed to see how they went.  The image sold throughout the year for birthdays, anniversary’s and wedding gifts not just Valentines Day.  I hadn’t even thought of doing another until November that year when I was out at Tynemouth Pier for sunrise.  I was scrambling over the rocks and as I lifted myself up on top of this one I saw this heart shaped rock pool.  I knew I had to photograph it and release it the next Valentines Day.  From that day the Heart Series was born and the challenge of finding myself some natural heart shape once every 12 months was on.